Your Money Manual Podcast #35 – The Virtual Family Office



In the second of our a 5-part series on building Your Optimal Financial World, Vince Annable and Russ Alan Prince begin a multi-part discussion of the Virtual Family Office. No longer must individual investors or families need a minimum of $150 million to qualify for the elite level of service that the old Single (or Private) Family Offices required. Virtual Family Offices (VFO’s) are springing up all over the country to help investors of “average wealth” better manage their wealth and essential strategic financial decisions. As you may know, Vince Annable is the CEO of Wealth Strategies Advisory Group and Creator and CEO of The Household Endowment Model®. For his part, Russ Alan Prince is a consultant to the Super Rich, family offices, and select fast-tracking entrepreneurs, in addition to being the author or co-author of over 60 books including the latest release, Everyone Wins!