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http://www.temenos.com The centre of gravity in private banking and wealth management is changing as client service and value added delivery become key competitive differentiators. The established private wealth management firms are under threat from new competitors. Evolving, ‘heavier touch’ regulatory and compliance frameworks are increasing your operating costs. Then there’s the new breed of well-informed, more technically savvy clients with higher expectations that take a superior investor experience for granted. The clear trend is that private banks and wealth managers must alter their service infrastructures to keep pace. Greater operational efficiency, sharper performance and smarter delivery that collectively fit the client like a glove are must-have success factors — not just to succeed but also to survive. Historically the private wealth management sector is technologically underfunded. With legacy and manual systems still the norm rather than the exception, it’s the next generation wealth software solutions that hold the key to supporting your client relationship managers – and enhancing the entire private wealth management experience for your clients. Welcome to Temenos Private Wealth Management Software Solutions. Central to delivering this high performance is a range of wealth management software solutions that provide an integrated approach to financial service processes and service provision, CRM, portfolio management, performance, asset allocation and data management. That’s why it makes good business sense to work with a proven, world-class wealth management software partner able to deliver your client promise, lower your costs, maximise your profitability and add compelling competitive edge. With a best-selling pedigree and superior functionality that’s proven worldwide, our solutions give you the confidence to take your private wealth management and private banking operations to the next level. For more information on wealth management and private banking solutions from the leading experts in the area, come and talk to Temenos. Contact us at [email protected]

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