Neoma Business School – Msc Finance, Investment And Wealth Management


Find the REPLAY Campus-Channel for this program here:… QUESTIONS: 00:17 The Pitch 01:44 What’s the difference between the 18 and 24-month versions of this program? 04:01 What does it mean for a foreigner that the program is accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles? 06:09 Hi Karen. What stood out to you about this program to make you choose it? 08:02 Do you require a bachelor in business or finance to apply for this master? 10:11 What is the CFA Chartered Financial Analyst certification? Are we required to obtain this? 14:11 Do you incorporate any real-world exercises or simulations into the curriculum? 16:13 The Clichés 19:09 What courses or lessons are included on sustainable and responsible finance? 22:01 What’s the employment rate of your graduates and what’s the average duration of a job search? 24:19 What support do you offer students for finding internships? 26:27 Karen, what would you like to do after this program and has NEOMA prepared you well for that? 28:06 Final Destination 30:46 What are the options for international academic exchange in the Finance and Investment Analysis track? 32:09 Can you tell me more about Reims and why to study Finance there instead of a business center like Paris or London? 35:38 What are the parameters of the final thesis? Is this independent research or is it connected to the internship? 37:30 Extra-Time

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