Luxury Brands I’d Never Pay Full-price For

Sophie Shohet

Luxury Brands I’d never pay full-price for*. I was thinking the other day that (not sure if I’ve mentioned this before) but there are some luxury brands that I’d never pay full-price for – because I know they’ll be included in seasonal promotions. These brands include Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Prada and even Fendi. BUT! You have to play the long gameSo here are the things that have worked for me before – I hope you find them helpful too There are some products from brands mention that are classic and that I haven’t ever seen with discounts applicable towards. But, last Cyber Weekend I saw a change to this whereby I bought one of my classic YSL bags for 30% off on Luisaviaroma. So it’s not impossible – but I wanted to caveat that this video doesn’t apply to every item from every brand mentioned.

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