I Buy Luxury & Designer Goods And I Still Live At Home…SO WHAT!


Room TourYo, wassup everyone, welcome back to my channel!Don’t forget to THUMBS Up and Click SUBSCRIBE…it’s free!Happy New Year Everyone!I wanted to kick start the new year with one of the realest videos I’ve ever made on youtube. i was so nervous filming this video but honestly it came so natural to me. How many of you are living in your truth? I know so many people faking the funk to get ahead in life or lying to themselves of who they truly are. I’m hoping that they watch this video and take from it that it’s ok. i know a lot of you are wondering why, it’s simple because i woke up! i don’t want people thinking that I’m some rich ass-hole that just waste his money. will i stop filming luxury things? No but i will turn it around to make it much better and exciting. just stick around and you’ll see. Be sure to stay tuned to experience more of my vlogs as I take you on my stylist journeys.

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